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I had my first two traveling experiences in December and I learned a lot.

Ask the hotel if they will provide a pack-n-play for sleeping. Both of our hotels offered them for free. Fitting in naps was a challenge. I either had to stop back at the hotel for a couple hours in the middle of the day or hope he would sleep in the stroller.

Our first trip was to Vegas for four days. My son can't walk or crawl yet so he spent a lot of time in a stroller. By day three he was completely fed up with it.

My son is also eating solid food and has the same meal as my husband and I. But traveling messed up his schedule so he was frequestly sleeping when we had meals. So I had to find time, food, and a location for him to eat after he woke.

For packing, I usually do laundry once a week. Prior to our first trip I actually counted his laundry as I put it away to figure out the number clothes he goes through. I also packed for two more days than we were going to be gone.

Feel free to ask if you want to know more.

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    8Theresa Gould
    Great points. I always learned something new when traveling with a little one.
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