my lil prince is such a prince lol

yea Elryc hates holding cold stuff but loves chewing on it so he makes me hold it for him. but hubby did something that worked which is awesome but its really MESSY put water in the pacifier and freeze and i learned that i should put a bib on him cause drool and melted ice goes all over him lol...also something my mother-inlaw did that made me wish i didn't buy 3 different kinds of teethers. she put one ice cube in a snack size bag and I made sure all the air is out when close and bunch up one corner and let him hold while he chewed on the other corner with the ice he liked it.

    8Theresa Gould
    Little princes are allowed royal treatment, they are only babies once, right? Instead of a plastic bag, you could use an ice cube in a wash cloth. I'd be nervous about letting baby suck on plastic to be honest.
      I love the pacifier idea! That's smart :). We would wet down a wash cloth and freeze it. It only takes a couple minutes to freeze, our girls loved it.
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