Saving baby stuff

Do you save your babies things? I have this huge box that has all kinds of stuff in it, their baby books,the outfits they wore home, umbilical cords, cards and balloons we got while on the hospital and from their first bdays, first hat(from hospital), pictures galore :) the calander page from our room. I like to keep everything, if you cant tell :)

    8Theresa Gould
    Yes, I've saved a lot, it's been less and less with each child. It's a sentimental thing and hard to let go. I have hopes of us scrap booking baby books for our younger five children. I did so well up until the third and it went downhill from there in keeping up!

    I finally let go of a lot of our baby clothes except for very few pieces.
    I think it's just harder to keep up with the more babies you have. I imagine your a very busy mommy :)
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