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I have a 3 year old boy. He will be 4 January 10. My question is what do you do when your child has pee accidents? I can't say he wet the bed cause there were no wet sheets. This will be the second time I discover pee/wet underwear in his clothes bin.(his hiding spot) The first time he told me he pee on the floor in bathroom and he had to clean it up. Mind you this happen when he woke up. So I'm assuming he is not waking up in enough time to get in the bathroom n pee in the toilet. I'm kind of clueless cause it's not like he can really tell me why. Any suggestions???

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        I think that's normal... ANd until they really have it all down.. there will be accidents... My kids even though they were fully trained.. would still have an accident.. they tend to not want to take the time to go and use the potty and wait until the absolute LAST second, when it's right there and then they lose control...

        I would just say nicely.. Uh oh.. What happened? Have him help you clean up the mess a little and remind him that will happen and no big deal, but to remember that feeling ... and pay close attention to his body...

        When my kids were new at the potty, I would still every hour.. yell out "Potty break" and they would go.. or try or sometimes they would swear they did NOT have to go... so then 30 minutes later... "Potty check"...

        and then big reward... and hugs and dances...

        Hang in there... My kids had an accident through Kinder... not often.. maybe once or twice in a year, but it happens.. they get so busy and we forget to offer or ask or INSIST...
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