Apartments and babies

The people that live below us have 3 kids, Im not sure of the ages. All I know is they are SO loud! I understand kids make lots of noise, Ive lived with children. But seriously!! One of them screams at the top of its lungs every night at 2am!... every night!! Its so loud it sound like the child is right next to me, a few moments later you hear the mom yell "SHUT UP!".... the screaming continues for a few min. Not sure how to handle it? Suggestions?

    Ugh... Kids are loud just being kids and then you have kids that are LOUD cause they're misbehaving or their parents don't care... Yelling "shut up" at a child of any age at any time during the day or night kind of gives you a clue that she's not running the best household? Maybe? I don't like to judge..

    First I would either speak kindly to them directly and ask them at 2 am.. to keep it down.. if they are nice then try that.. or call your manager and loandlord or building manager and make a formal complaint and they will call them..

    Sadly, not much that you can do.. I do think though that kindness wins.. if you are ruse to them or they feel threatened then they may not care and be worse...

    Good luck!
    sadly, they aren't the kindest family. The first day we moved in the guy came pounding on our door freaking out, telling us we need to move our car out of his spot or he is gonna have us towed... It wasn't our car.
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