So, my 4 year old is in Speech therapy at her school. (the pre-k is in with the regular elementary school) does anyone else have kids with speech problems? Besides what the teacher/therapist tells you to do what else can or have you done to help your child? I've got her some Leap Frog DVDs like letter factory, and we have matching letters games and I help sound the letters out and on top of that the therapist has given me a list of ords that "wound the same" like tie/type etc for me to read her. Just wondering if or what else can be done to help her?

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    I think it sounds like you're doing exactly enough.. Too much and they can become aware and self conscious and clam up...

    Almost half the class in my kids kinder class had a speech therapist.. My son had soft R's for a while.. and it usually works itself out..

    She will get it.. you're doing everything you can.. keep reading to her and with her and she will grasp the sound...
      Sounds like your doing a great job. My 5 year old nephew has a very bad stuttering problem. I think that its a results from all that's went on in his life the last couple years. I've been telling his granma(she has temporary custody) to get him into speech therapy but it still hasn't worked out I think she's waiting on the school. I just tell him to slow it down, think about what he wants to say and just say it. And it works for him most of the time. Really pissed me off he came home one weekend and told me that his granma told him that they have to get that problem(stuttering) fixed. You don't tell a 5 year old that, talk about giving him a complex about himself, he already has a little bit of one cause it frustrates him when he cant get out what he wants to say.
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