Flying While Expecting!

So today was the first time I flew around the country while pregnant! (insert claps, fist pumps and a dance!) haha I wasn't worried at all.. I am right about 20 weeks along, I checked with my doc - she said it was fine and I took proper steps to be prepared!

1 I didn't have time to research what that crazy machine they make you step into to scan your body could give off... but I opted to ask the TSA agents if I could not walk through it and they were so sweet - I had a simple pat down by a nice gal instead!

2 - I wore COMFY clothes! I wore leggings, a lightweight tee, jersey cardigan thingie, a scarf and flip flops.. surprisingly, I still got cold!

3 - On the plane I asked for the blanket right away to stay cozy and this was so much needed.. then I took it on our next flight!

4 I drank plenty of water and ate when we had the chance - our flight was VERY early.. like Mr. Sun was not up.. so we did good!

I must admit I did get a little bit more uncomfortable than normal and here is why I think I did... the seats and this little bump do not mesh the best! Now that I have popped a little.. sitting STRAIGHT upright just isn't as fun as it used to.. like it ever was? ha! I tried to make do and move around, get comfy, use my tall husband to lean against.. and I made it!

Tell me ladies.. did any of you fly while expecting? Experience any hiccups? Any tips or advice to share? ;)​

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    8Theresa Gould
    I've never flown while pregnant, but glad you did so well with only a couple minor discomforts.
      Good News.. I made it! While I am still not very big.. and somewhat not super preggo noticeable.. the second flight on each trip wasn't as comfy as the first :) I think the straight up sitting got to me.. and I'm petite so my legs barely touch anyways! ha I tried to cozy up to my husband which made it better. Also.. I wasn't able to do as much research before hand.. on those crazy scan machines they make us walk through.. so each time I opted out to do a "pat down".. it wasn't bad at all and I knew I was harming the little peanut in there! I read where even small bits of radiation can add up.. and they just haven't been around long enough to do long term studies on the effects.. so pat down it was! ;)
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