continue our conversation: Should restaurants ban kids?

The Sushi Bar, in Virginia, doesn't allow kids under ​age 18. Some other restaurants across the country have similar no-kid policies. People who support the idea say kid-free restaurants give parents time to relax. But critics of no-kid policy say that these bans hurt parents who want to eat out with their family. What do you think, ladies?

    Amanda Hurley
    First, I think there are "kid friendly" restaurants, and then there are restaurants that are not so kid friendly. There are certain restaurants I would not take my kids to, and certain ones that I would only take my kids to during the day. I do think that restaurants have every right to make a rule for no kids.
      This doesn't bother me in the least.. WE have to understand that while OUR kids may behave and be respectful and we handle it properly if they don't... that the majority of parents DON'T!! I see it all the time.. kids running total amuck in restaurants... throwing things, screaming and I'm KID FRIENDLY and it bugs me.. My kids are sitting nicely and eating, but we can't talk or enjoy because the kids next to us or total jerks..
      So these rules are made for the parents, not the kids... and the rules come from the kids that ARE out of control... Yes, kids are kids.. they can't be expected to act perfectly.. it's ok.. but understand that and take your kids to a kid friendly place.. there are plenty of places for kids and family..YOu can get the food to go and take it home or on date night, but I think that's totally fine.. to be honest, the people that would find this upsetting are most likely the ones that made the rules happen...
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