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Ok, so recently my two year old will not take naps. Today, my husband and I decided to let her "lay down wit mommy" as she puts it, and she dozed right off. My oldest was strictly breastfed, and slept in the bed with me until she was 3. I was also a single mom at the time. We removed that rule with the younger two. They only co slept until they were about 6 months old, and off of the late night feedings. What are your thoughts about co sleeping, and do you think if I let my two year old nap in my bed, that it will create issues later on?​

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    I think with naps, you do what you need to do. Naps were never easy with my kids.. they always hated them.. and so once I relented on these preconceived ideas and rules, we were ALL much happier.. I would lay with them on my bed and then get up and do some things... always checking on them of course.. they always slept better and longer... Night time for me.. after about 6 months, I was a no co-sleeper mom... Of course I didn't always stick to that and rough nights happened and I did what I had to do to get sleep... But, Once they were toddlers, they were in their own bed.
    I think whatever works.
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      We've practiced co-sleeping at nap time and night time since our third child and still co-sleep with our two youngest boys. I don't remember it being so much of an issue when we moved our children into their own rooms but we did it gradually and most of them moved in with a sibling or two so that made it easier than moving to a room by themselves. They could always come back to our room. We tried to make the transition as smooth and natural as possible, like moving them from our bed to the floor and from the floor to their room. Children are only children once so if they need and want us now, it won't always be like that once they are grown.
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