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I have been kinda single for a long time but now fully single and going through a divorce and been living apart about a month. My "spouse" is facing a criminal trial and has a restraining order. Also now going though getting visits set up at the YMCA for them to see Dad about a hour a week court ordered. How do you single moms make it work with the $ and also do you have to deal with visitations etc.

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      Hi Christine!.. Yes, I'm a single mom too.. MY kids are almost 7 and 9 and I've been doing it alone accept for a few weekends here and there since they were 1 and 3..
      its not easy.. and I didn't have any help .. no family near by... nothing...

      Unfortunately I can't relate with the court ordered visit part or that side if it with his criminal record, but I do have a friend whose ex husband wasn't always.. the best...
      they have court ordered meetings and meet at the police station for a visit that is accompanied by someone to watch...

      So, that part I'm not sure what your question is... it looks like he gets to see his kids with visitation and that's okay as long as someone is there...

      The money thing is tough.. the hardest part.. My kids were 1 and 3 and child care was stupidly expensive.. and any job that I was qualified for, would be just enough to PAY for child care... so, it was like I was working to pay someone else to be with my kids all day... it was awful..

      I did receive some child support after a few months which helped.. there are ways to get that through court orders.. there is government help... and there are coop schools that are super inexpensive to have your kids at while you work..

      Do you have family near? friends that can watch the kids for just a bit?

      I worked many odd jobs, from dog walking to errand services, to data entry, stuffing envelopes... you name it I did it to make ends meet.. and when I say ends meet.. I mean we kept a roof over our heads and that's about ti..

      My kids are really happy and well adjusted. Their dad lives In NY and visits every few months for a weekend... it's still really hard.. but you will be surprised what you can do..

      If you have any more specific questions, feel free to message me directly or here is fine too.. no one judges.. everyones here to help...
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        im in the same situation that you are in . and i know how hard it is and how bad it is without having any income i have 345 dollars that i have to come up with to pay my bills and i dont know how im going to do it
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