Honestly I think you should never compete or compare yourself to other moms. Every mom is different and every mom has a different style of raising their child. I admit I have compared myself to other moms. Sometimes it's hard to see a mother allow a child to do something that your against and that you think is wrong and it's hard to not say anything. I've seen moms duke it out in public places over little things and it's hard to watch.

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    Moms can get heated over their kids.. I remember watching two moms get into a screaming match over their toddlers and who threw sand at a park a long time ago... I sat back and watched.. It was crazy...I too have found myself heated with another mother or their lack of parenting or watching their kids.. and have had to walk away and teach my kids to deal with the ***hole kids too...

    It's hard not to compare when the other parent is doing it all wrong in your eyes.. lol..
    Totally agree!
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