I'm not religious

My oldest is baptized and I'm not religious at all. I baptized my child because for my husband and I'm baptized myself. My biggest thing is I don't believe in communion and conformation against a child's will. I think that should be their own decision.

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    I was raised by two parents that were raised in strict religious upbringings and vowed to NOT to that to me and my sister.. unfortunately, we were taught nothing.. and in college I knew not even basics and had to learn for myself...

    Everything with a grain of salt. You don't have to teach your child everything that's in the Bible if you don't believe that, but to give them a strong sense of God or spirituality I feel is important.

    My step sons mom is agnostic.. and he's fearful of everything.. scared of death as there is no after life and it's the end, .. he is scared a lot...

    My birth kids know that there is life after death.. Heaven and that being baptized simply (to them) means they accept God and are allowed in... That's all they need to know for now and they are not fearful of everything...

    You can give spirituality without giving religion.. I think anyway...
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