Swimwear... While Expanding!

Oh swimwear.. it isn't easy making it work sometimes or feeling amazing NOT being preggo.. so while​ I knew we were going to the beach and I would be about half way along I was basically like... Uhhhhhh.

But I am happy to report I THINK I am making it work! I knew I didn't and wouldn't be one of the gals who would still rock a bikini.. note - I have NOTHING against preggo gals who do.. if you are comfortable doing so.. I say rock it - I wish I had the confidence to do so ;)

But I made it work for me! I knew I wanted a top that covered my growing little bump.. but other than that, bottoms still fit fine.. so the hunt was on! Many sites had pricey swim tops.. or maternity styles that just were not ME.. so I hunted and hunted.. and one day, while swinging through.. OLD NAVY of all places.. they had their WHOLE swim wear line on sale! I scooped up 3 tops - not maternity, but just those long tankini'ish styles - and I tried them. To my luck.. I loved them! I bought all three and headed home... but you see, this was a few WEEKS ago! And I am sure you can all relate that within a few weeks you can grow! I am not sure how much my mid section has.. so last night. about 6 hours before our flight was going to leave.. I tried them all on... and held my breath! (haha not really, but kind of...) and... they still fit, worked and I actually felt pretty and confident doing so. One is a classic black halter - will go with everything! One is a pink ruffly type halter.. a little more girlie and fun.. goes with a lot of my bottoms.. and the last is a strapless wrap type top in deep blue and I loooove it. All in all.. I think I did okay and scored MAJOR sales. I can also see myself wearing these NEXT Summer.. sometimes I think less skin is more.. I am in my late 20s.. and although I am not afraid to rock a bikini normally... I think it's sexy and fun to wear these mid section covering tops sometimes.. I think next Summer will be good ;)

What about you ladies? Did you rock swimwear while expecting? Did you opt for more maternity choices? Did you sport the bikini? And what do you wear post baby? Let's chat it out and lift each other up.. we all got it going on, one way or another ;)

    Amanda Hurley
    I bought my maternity suits from Target. I love their styles, I had to rock swimwear, most of my pregnancies were through the summer months.
      8Theresa Gould
      I don't wear bikinis (no confidence or desire really). I bought one maternity suit in my second pregnancy to wear to a prenatal water class. Other than that I really didn't wear a bathing suit while expecting since most of my babies were born in winter/spring and we have no where to go to a pool or body of water, unfortunately.
        I must confess.. it wasn't as fun getting into one as I had hoped! Eeek! Maybe I am too self conscious? Who knows.. just thanking the Lord that now Fall and Winter are here where I live.. haha! I wore a lot of cover ups, my normal swim suit bottoms and then I had this handy spanx like top which felt SO much better than the tankini swim tops.. I don't know about you all, but those tops made me feel BIGGER and way more frumpy than I was.. haha!
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