Teaching you son to lose...

No one likes to lose... My son is 9 now and still hates it, but can handle it better... or has learned to avoid it totally..

It's a boy thing.. I mean, my daughter doesn't like it either, but with my son and also with my step son when he was this age, they can get really huffy and puffy and tend to give up...

Drives me nuts! There really is no way to teach them to lose well.. I never LET them win.. and sometimes in all honesty, I made SURE that they lost... if you know what I'm saying... And sometimes when they handle a loss well, it was time for them to WIN and I could make that happen too..

Losing is a part of life.. it's important for them to understand that it's now a measure of how good they are or more mature, most of the time it's the luck of the cards or dice...

Let them have their fit.. let them experience it and it passes.. Stay calm.. and don't let them avoid games just to avoid losing, which is what my son still tries to do...

    I agree it's important for kids to know sometimes you lose and sometimes you when, its part of life.
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