Do any moms here homeschool?

how would i do about starting to homeschool my 2 yr old?

    8Theresa Gould
    Hi Rissa, yes, Kim is right I do homeschool. Homeschooling your 2 year old can be as simple as coming up with activities to do with him at home, reading to him, using educational preschool apps and websites. There are free and paid versions of both.

    Simple Activities:

    I would often draw and color with my little ones. Teaching them shapes, colors, numbers and letters as I did so.

    Puzzles (abc's, numbers, shapes, animals)

    I made flash cards of numbers and abc's with big black dots, you could easily buy flash cards and do this, and had my children line up Cheerios around the letters and numbers. They loved this because they got to eat Cheerios! We've used marshmallows, chocolate chips, raisins....whatever your family prefers.

    As you go about your day, ask your son what color objects around the house are and tell him the color. He will eventually learn his colors. You can do this for shapes too.

    When you are out shopping point to the large signs and tell your son what the words say or name the letters.

    You can use a small amount of flour on the kitchen counter and write letters, numbers and shapes in the flour telling your son what they are and have him trace them with his finger and gradually teach him how to print his letters that way. There are apps that do this too, but without the flour mess. So it depends on your preference. ;)

    Educational Websites (you can google "free preschool websites" for more ideas, but these are ones we have used and liked):



    iTunes has a ton of free educational apps, ABCMouse has free ones, Reading Eggs has free ones and if they are not free right now they do offer them frequently for free and as little as 99 cents so just sign up for their free trial and you will get their "sales" emails.

    Hope that gives you a start.
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