Hi Moms! Does anyone here have or had gestational diabetes?

I went to the Dr. today for my weekly check-up and I am feeling really sad. Last week, when I was 30 weeks, the Dr said that everything is great and I'm measuring 30 cm. Weight gain, sugars, BP, everything was great. But this week, I am now measuring 41 cm and have gained a lot of weight in the span of just a WEEK. They are shocked, as am I.

I have an ultrasound on Tues but I was wondering if any Moms have experienced this? They think its fluid.

    Thank you Kim and Sheila! The Dr is very concerned so she asked the ultrasound to be booked asap. They are thinking that there is either too much fluid around baby or that baby is big because I have gestational diabetes. My weight gain was very normal until now so they are shocked as well as my measurement from pelvic to the top of the uterus. Its measuring 41 cm as opposed to 31 cm.

    I'm really stressed out. There's nothing that I can do and its frustrating. I just have to wait and trust the Lord will protect baby. My ultrasound is on Tues.
      Thank you Moms! I am trying to stay positive. Feeling a TON better! We have so many people praying for us. I have a feeling that the dr's have it wrong. I'm praying for that at least! I don't feel any different physically than I did last week.

      Will keep you ladies updated. Thank you for your support and encouragement! xo!
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