Getting my pre-pregnancy body back

I need help on working out to get my pre pregnancy body back. I have changed my eating habits and I'm eating a lot healthier then I was. I would love some good workout tips to get my stomach back into shape before my wedding in May. My son is just over 2 months old so my body is more then ready to start working out. Any tips would be great. I'm energized and ready to work out :)

    The trick to any workout that's going to be effective is that's it's easy to do and easy to get in the habit of doing. I work from home with my daughter so I find it's really hard to find the time to step away and work out. I teach Tae Kwon Do 3 days a week as well so that helps keep me in shape because I'm expected to be there. I can't miss!

    Outside of that I have about a 15min workout that I do. I know that doesn't sound like long enough but doing it everyday has already given me results and I've only been doing it for a few weeks. I recorded myself on my phone telling me what to do next. I even count each set out loud so I know that I'm not skipping anything and I always get done in 15min. I just hit play and follow my own directions! I don't use any special equipment or anything. Here's my routine:

    2 sets of 10 pushups
    1 set of 15 sit-ups
    1 set of 15 crunches
    1 set of 15 deep squats
    1 set of 15 deep squats with toes pointing out (works the inner thigh)
    1 set of 15 lunges each leg
    2 sets of 20 calf raises
    30 knee-slappers (hold your hands palm down at your chest level, bring alternating knees up to 'slap' each palm quickly)
    10 knee to chest jumps
    20 jumping jacks

    You could do whatever exercises you want but making a recording that keeps you disciplined is helpful and saves time.
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    Thanks, Taylor. Great idea and suggested workout.
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