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ok so I am Making Brisket .... Now this is a meat that is very temper mental when working with ...normally people get it too dry .... or cook it too fast setting at a higher temp ... Brisket is a Meat that takes time ... Starting with the prep you get your dry rub ready and set aside ... Now While the Brisket is Thawed out you skim it triming off as much fat as you can .... Save your fat do not throw it out....after you Skim it add your dry rub and rub it in well ... Taking off the Fat helps the Rub stick to the Meat Better .... Now in the Pan if using a Oven place the Brisket in the middle of the pan and add the fat you cut off around the outter edges of the pan ..this also helps with Favoring without having to remove all the fat while you eat it .... Add about a 1/2 cup water into pan but just enough to cover the bottom of the pan without drowning the Brisket ... this helps it from drying out... Cover with Tin Foil and bake in oven at no higher then 275 degrees this allows the meat to cook throughly and evenly without cooking the out side too fast causing it to get dry..... this will have to cook for 4 to 5 hours before ready depending on size of Brisket .... then Enjoy... if you are wondering why I am Sharing it's because a Friend stopped by and asked me what the Heck I was doing when I was De Fating the brisket ....lol great cooking fact about meats Seasoning does don't stick to Fat so Removing as much fat as you can before hand helps your rubs or sauces to stick to the meat and this also helps roughen the top of the meat so the season gets into the meat instead of just laying on top .... Happy Cooking

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      8Theresa Gould
      I've never made brisket or knew fat hinders seasoning. Thanks for sharing.
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