Pros and Cons of Motherhood

My friend is getting married soon and her in-laws are always talking about her and her fiance having kids. My friend isn't sure about when/if she wants to be a mom so she asked me to make a pros and cons list about mothering. I told her that it wasn't that simple but I'd take a shot at it. I was hoping all you moms out there could list some of your pros and cons so I could give her a broader perspective (especially since I'm still just in the baby phase). Just a few of each would be helpful! Here's my list so far:

Your body is never quite the same again
My relationship with my husband changed forever
Going out becomes much more complicated
I had to make really tough decisions about my career
I no longer consider my breasts a symbol of sexuality, they are food.
Spit up, pee, and poop everywhere
Living on a baby's schedule

My daughter's existence
Getting to see my husband become a father
Watching my baby grow and change
My relationship with my husband changed forever
Cuddles and Hugs
Being linked to another human being in such a profound and loving way
Baby smiles
Holidays and other special things are even more exciting

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    I think you did a great job. And no matter the cons the pros always make it worth it.
      8Theresa Gould
      That is a great list, as everyone else has said. But I can think of some to add.

      I think as mothers/parents we also have to remember a pro is we get to shape the future through our children. When we take responsibility to raise our children in the right way, we are forever changing the world by filling it with responsible, caring, loving individuals - at least that's my hope.

      We become better people because we learn so much about ourselves as we mother our children (good and bad so this could be a pro and a con). This includes become less selfish, more patient, more loving, more kind, we usually speak better in the presence of our children etc. etc. etc.

      Children make us see life in a different light. No matter what is going on in life, my children make me laugh and smile. They are the joy of my existence when my world is falling apart. They give me a reason to live.

      Our children made my husband grow up and become a better man.
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