Diaper Free Babies around the world

I was a bit shocked to learn that many countries don't use diapers at all - cloth or otherwise. It makes sense if you think about it. I mean, what did people do thousands years ago before man-made fabrics and such existed. Babies still pooped!

The idea is to train your baby to pee/poop when you tell them to, much like housebreaking a dog. When housebreaking a puppy you take them outside very frequently so they learn to associate the outdoors with going to the bathroom rather then your living room.

In Vietnam, where diapering is still a little bit of a novelty, they start potty training from the day a child is born. Newborns tinkle about every 10-30mins. So every 10-30min they hold their baby over a toilet and make a certain whistling noise. If they go to the bathroom, yay! if they don't you try again later. If they pee or poop when not over a toilet they still make the whistling noise so the baby learns to associate that sound with going to the bathroom. As early as 2 months old the babies would pee on command! Of course since newborns only pee a few ounces at a time accidents are no big deal. The baby's are usually wrapped in a blanket that catches most of the mess anyway. As babies grow they're bodies automatically stop pooping and peeing very much while they're sleeping and they go longer between bowel movements. Babies are usually day-time toilet trained by 9 months and night-time trained by 12-18 months.

I don't think I could do it exactly like the vietnamese but I talked to my grandmother and she said that she potty trained all of her kids by 18 months almost the same way. At a year old she started putting them on the potty every half hour to an hour. She would sit on the toilet too as an example. If they went to the bathroom they would cheer and celebrate, if they didn't she pull their diaper back up and went about her business. She learned how often her kids actually went to the bathroom pretty quickly and she could almost tell before they did that they had to go. Once she was going a whole day without have to actually change a diaper because they always went on the potty she switched to big kid underpants. She said there were accidents but as long as she didn't get mad the kids actually liked using the potty because of the cheering and fun. They started walking to the potty themselves! When they were ready for a big kid bed she stopped using diapers at night because they could get out and walk to the bathroom themselves.

I'm going to attempt to potty train my daughter the way my grandmother did. I'm not quite brave enough to do it the Vietnamese way!

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    I've never heard of anyone doing that. But anythings worth a try when trying to potty train a kid. It's hard, for a lot of us
      8Theresa Gould
      I have heard about this and have tried it and if I had learned about it with my first, I think I would have been more successful. But I did attempt it with a couple children and those I did were potty trained early. It was more of a mixture of the Vietnamese and your grandmother's style because your grandmother's style is much like my mom did with us.
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