My son fights his sleep. he will be 2 in 6 days. i usually take him out to the park to run around or a McDonald's or Burger King to let him run around there. and some days all it takes is a 5-10 minute car ride.

let them run around at the park or anywhere you can think of

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    My son stopped napping around 8 months for this reason.. He never loved night time bed.. So Skipping naps was hard too sometimes if we were in the car, but I found that he was ready for bed at 6:30 and I LOVED that.. Every day my goal was to run him around until he was so exhausted, but I also found that too much stimulation made it harder for him to fall asleep too.. You gotta find the fine line and make sure you have 30 minutes at least of down time, hot bath, quiet books before bed... to bring them down and no sugar or sodas or ice cream after 3... light snacks at night..

    Good luck.. hopefullly just a phase?
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