Healthy meals for big kid

​Despite the fact that till his three years the child is already can eat adult food but we have to remember that this is still a child his body grows and his food should be healthy and balanced.

As for me, I do not allow my son to eat pizza, crackers (I do it myself), chips, etc., he is 5, but I've never let him try mushrooms, I believe that it is very hard to digest. Generally I do not in favor of a "fast food".

Here's approximate menu of my son

Breakfast: Cereal with milk (buckwheat, corn, oats or cream of wheat),or

Pancakes, or

Cottage cheese with sour cream and honey, or

Omelette with tomatoes, sausage and cheese

Tea or cocoa or coffee with milk to drink

Lunch: Cheesecakes with jam

Tea or cocoa to drink

After he comes home from school - soup or broth with toasts.

Juice or fruit compote to drink

Afternoon snack: Cookies with milk, apple, banana, pear, roll with butter and tea, etc.

Dinner: Fish, chicken cutlet, steak (chicken, pork, etc.) with mashed potatoes (pasta, rice with vegetables, etc.), vegetable stew, pilaf and salad (mainly from fresh vegetables).

Juice to drink

Before going to sleep - a glass of milk

Moms Expertise
Meg... I know.. you read coffee and you were like whhhaaattt? But remember that he's not having an espresso and that a small cup of coffee with milk has about as much caffiene or sugar that any other drink they can have does.. Cocoa.. natural caffiene... sports drinks... sugar.. tea.. even decaf has some caffeine... the word coffee throws us into a fit I know.. that's also American... My friends from ireland and London, their kids have an au lait (coffee with milk and water) every morning.. better than a sugar bomb hot chocolate...
    It's always interesting to me the difference in what parents think is okay and not... I think we all are doing our best and have it in our heads what we think is healthy and right and that's what we feed our kids and that's fine. Are they happy, healthy, growing and not too heavy? Then by all means... My son told me the other day after finishing his lunch, that he loved his sandwich and would like another.. and I said, no.. You don't need two sandwiches and he said, well I could eat another and I said, just because you CAN doesn't mean you should... Then i remind them if they're still hungry after a healthy meal, they can eat fruit..

    My son loves pizza.. we eat the healthy kind.. (sort of).. and its' funny that you don't let yours have it.. not funny like hah ha youre wrong, but funny how I see it as a healthy meal with a salad etc and others may not.. where as I wouldn't give my kids cookies for a snack..
    But I agree.. that their bellies are not big still.. and they should eat what their size should eat not what they want or think they can eat...
      I like your son's lunch-a cheesecake yamm..We usually eat something sweet after lunch or dinner. I do not let my son drink coffee simply because of potential side effects of caffeine. He usually drinks hot cocoa in the morning before school. He eats his lunch at school, they usually have chicken or beef with rice or potato, vegetables, fruit, and milk. So he has no chance to eat something yam like a piece of cheesecake.
        8Theresa Gould
        Sounds like your son is eating well. :) Thanks for sharing.