I don't know what I need more some days. A nanny, a maid, or both. Hire a nanny so I can actually do some real housework, hire a maid so I can actually try to be a good mom, or hire both so I can have an opportunity to actually do some hobbies. I feel like all I do is work and work. If I am not at work I am at home working on trying to at least tidy up. If I am not doing laundry or dishes I am trying to be a good mom. I feel like I am failing at the cleaning and at being a good mom. It is hard to feel like you are doing well at anything when you feel like an empty hollow shell that might still somewhat resemble a human being. I spend so much time working or working around the house that I don't have the opportunity for hobbies which leaves me feeling hollow, empty. I feel like I don't know ME anymore.

    I feel the same way sometimes. I defintely don't know me anymore all I know is the mommy and wife part of me, I think that's all that's left. I'm good with that most the time but sometimes I wish I could find me again. I use to write all the time and I've been thinking about starting that again. Something Anything just for me, and I'll still probely write about being a mommy and wife :)
      I don't mind the kiddos stuff everywhere. I mind all the big people stuff that is everywhere and never moves. Clutter. I hate having no storage to speak of. I used to have a ton of hobbies but now I work and work. I love my mom role and my wife role it would just be nice if the hubs shared more of my hobbies so we could try to do them as a family. His main hobby is tv. It is so hard to get him to go with us to the park or for a walk. Now that the hub's "little sister" is a mom and lives just down the street I will have someone to go on walks with hopefully. I have thought about looking to see if the community college a couple towns over to see if they have any culinary classes. I love to cook.
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      I am a young mom of two great little girls who are my world. I am a bit of a foodie that loves to cook for friends and family. I enjoy being creative in many different media.