I do'nt recomend putting your infant in bed with you.

I Knew a mom that had let her babies sleep in bed with her,As they got older they would not sleep without her.She gave birth to her 3rd and same thing,Except this time tradgity acured ..Her 6wk old rolled and fell onto the hardwood floor.she had blakets down but he landed on his belly and was suffocated from sustaining a concusion.Taking a nap with baby in bed for bonding and keep the bassinet right next to you.It still allows closness and babies self secerity devolpment.

4Shauna ZieglerAllentown, Pennsylvania
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    i dont think its very safe to sleep with your baby. it can b very risky and dangerous. however if you are extremely cautious and your living condition or health as linda said below, you may have to have ur baby with you.

    my husband n i temporarily live in an rv and theres very limited space. plus i dont think im going to feel safe having my baby next to the door. however i think i have found a solution. target and other places have bedside sleepers. some are little cribs that pop open nxt to side of ur bed while others are like baskets. target has some for about 50 bucks. i would post the link but phone isnt letting me. im gonna try this with my baby and i hope it will stay in it n sleep easy. my husband n i r gonna try to get one before the baby is with us n practice sleeping with it a while.

    its just an idea but it might b a cheap easy solution.
      This happend to my little sister. My mom put her in her bed to take a nap and walked away. She rolled off the bed and landed on the furnace vent and sufficated. A horrible thing to go threw I couldn't imagine. I was very young when this happend maybe around a year old. But maybe knowing the story is why I always insisted that our kids sleep in their own beds.
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