I was lucky, very lucky. I can't imagine pushing for several hours. With my oldest daughter, labor was 8 hours and I pushed for 14 minutes. With my second, labor was 6 hours and I pushed for 6 minutes. My youngest was stuck and when they finally said that i could push, I didn't stop. All I knew is that I had to get her out before I passed out lol

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    I got extremely lucky because labor and delivery was short with both girls. I know a lot of you are going to be jealous. I don't envy any of you that had to labor for a long time or had difficult deliveries. I know some of my friends think I am super tough because I delivered naturally both times but I don't think it is all that impressive considering how short labor and delivery were with both girls.

    With Sami I went into labor at 1:00 am and she was born at 4:43 am the same morning. When I was allowed to push it only took one good push and she was out. She was excited to greet the world.

    With Ali I went into labor around 11:30 pm and she was born at 7:30 the next morning. With her my water had to be broken and when I was finally allowed to push it took two or three good pushes and she was out. Ali wasn't as excited to be out in the world as Sami was. She was a lot too comfortable in the oven.
      I think i pushed for about a hour with each girl. I was in to much pain to pay attention.
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