diarrhea as a sign of labor

​I've heard of many pregnant women having diarrhea before going into labor. I wasn't an exception.I think your body want to empty it's bowels while preparing or in labor. It's simple-your baby needs more room to move through the birth canal.

In the past, women preparing for labor were routinely given an enema, which has about the same function as diarrhea: it removes stools from the body in preparation for giving birth. What a fun-ha?

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    I know it's not fun..but it's our nature..Do you know what my nurse and doctor both said? "DON’T forget that life does go on after an embarrassing moment. How many of you have accidentally passed gas during sex? DO you know that the vast majority of women poop during the birth of their babies and that this phenomenon is NORMAL. (o, man...)
    I did feel like whatever...Just do your job..
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