Pumping Question

Ok so I've noticed a lump or bump around my areola. It scares me to think of cancer. Should I be worried or is this just my duct being clogged?

    I'm thinking clogged duct for sure. I had a few of them. Pea size and one like a grape... Hot compress and massage rather aggressively... Should go away. Don't panic and don't pay so much attention to it then it becomes bigger in your mind and sore from touch. So much crazy stuff happens to our bodies during this time. Give it a couple of weeks and then a call to your OB but I'm willing to bet you already know what it is. I think you're ok :)
    it could be a Fibroadenoma, which is basically a benign cyst. I've read that they feel rubbery and round. They vary in size and can appear anywhere on the breast (cancer usually appears closer to the armpit). They generally don't hurt unless they're really big. They can grow or change with hormonal changes so maybe that's why you're noticing it now.

    Usually doctors don't do anything about them except monitor it, unless it's causing pain. Google fibroadenoma and see if the symptoms match what you're experiencing.
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