Not a make up person but need advice!!!

so I rarely if ever wear a powder or base. I'm just too lazy and I always feel and hate the look of having make up on... BUT as I ... Achem... Mature (42 blah)... My skin is showing it... I'm not talking wrinkles... I mean those suckers are there but I'm talking age spots and red spots and blotchiness... Just a general look of ashyness... And I hate looking in the mirror. I'm wondering about a nice powder that will help to even it out. I don't need it all to disappear but to just look... Nicer? Something daily that doesn't look like makeup or dry me out??
I saw the infomercial for sheer coverage. A mineral base powder that swears it does just what I want but I can't stand that cakey look...
Anyone find a light powder they love??

    I swear by make up. I don't like going over board but just like to look nicer :). I use mineral wear from walmart( I know cheap but that's what I can afford and it works. Its a powder and really light cant even tell you have make up on.
      I'm more of a liquid person but anyone I've talked to that uses the mineral lines swear by it!!! Its all my sister will use and she always looks great i need to try it just haven't don't it yet but I would give it a shot I've never beard a
      Negative comment about it
        i do not like a powder base... I go for a sheer liquid instead ... there are some great light coverage ones out there. But if powder is what you seek ... then I am sure there a re some great ones out there as well!
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