I have tried every brand of disposable diaper I can think of. Huggies never fit right, pampers stick to my kids, and parent's choice/ or targets up&up are too rough, Luvs is the only thing that worked and I went through the list to try again with my new baby. A bonus is that most of the time they are cheaper than even the parents choice.

as for wipes, pampers baby fresh is the only ones that I can find that dont have aloe in them (other than the expensive huggies scented ones ie their cucumber or shea ones) I am allergic to the aloe, makes my hands break out and itch really bad. pampers had a thicker wipe for a while that worked really good that didn't have aloe either, but I cant find them any more

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    Me too I loved Luvs when my girls were in diapers. I too tried every other brand and Luvs are the best. The fit good, weren't to bulky and they very rarely peed throw them.
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