Fighting depression.

Lately I've been fighting depression. A few years ago, I was extremely depressed and wouldn't even leave my bed. These past few weeks I've been having those old feelings come back. This weekend I haven't left my house. I think it has to do with not becoming pregnant as quick as I thought it would. I also know being depressed can prevent getting pregnant. Its one of those lose/lose situations. Any advice?

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    I went to a doctor a few years ago when it started. I saw someone about it and after about 6 months was back to my normal self. Well as normal as I could be. This time I haven't. My husband has been seeing the old ways coming back and been trying to get me out and helping me. I haven't gone to see a doctor recently tho
      Talk to your doctor about it, there's all kinds of different medicines out there that help with depression. They put my on Elival( not sure if I spelled it right) for my fibromyalgia and it helped a lot with the depression I was having at the time to.
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