Best age between children

I don't have any scientific basis whatsoever, so I don't know the actual 'best" age between kids. I imagine this changes depending on what characteristics you're trying to enforce. My husband and I have decided to attempt to have our children pretty close together though, as I think this will help with sibling bonding and so we will also have time as we get older to enjoy things as a couple. I have always wanted a close family. Whether or not this works, only time will tell.

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    I don't have any special planning that I do between children. We consider ourselves Quiverfull and don't use any form of Birth Control. I enjoy having the kids close together in age, it does help bring that sibling bond closer together when they are close in age. As I have got older I have started trying to have the kids closer together. I love having kids and love having such a large family and hope to continue to have more kids.
      Interesting!! Sounds like I need to look into this a bit more before making a decision (if it is even in mine and hubby's hands at all since we too are still working on number one!) Thanks for all the great info, ladies
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