So sad all the time :(

I just don't know what to do anymore :(....this was an unplanned pregnancy and I was told I would have a hard time having kids so this truly is a blessing but everything around me is falling apart....The pregnancy itself has been a breeze and very easy but as far as everything else...both of my parents are dead so mg daughter will never know her grandparents, i got pregnant by a guy I had just started seeing and he doesn't want a relationship so. I am starting off as a first time mom and a single parent, my sister and I have always been best friends and now fight more than ever, I am 9 months pregnant and working two jobs 6 days a week and my roommate of two years decided he was going to get cold feet about a baby in the house stiffed me on a months rent and moved out...left my apt a mess didn't give me any money left me high and dry 23 days before my due date in an apt we had upgraded to that I cant afford alone..I am going to lose it..I am stressed and tired and sad all the time...I had today off andI literally laid in bed for a full 24 hrs..I just cried. i tried to eat didn't even shower and Im still in the same pjs I woke up in this morning...I'm so lost i feel i cant talk to anyone my family is so judgmental that if i call with a problem it turns into a fight because they don't agree with my situation at all and Mike (the dad) doesn't get why I'm upset his response is ALWAYS "it'll work out" I told my sister I found a new roommate another male and she thinks its a horrible idea because I'm putting my child in danger and i could get raped...REALLY?! Do you think for one min if i had a bad feeling about him id put my child in that situation?....sorry this is so long i just have nobody else to vent to :( this is all making it so hard to enjoy and be happy for this makes me feel like I shouldn't have a baby and i never thought id say that I've wanted to be a mom my whole life and now i feel like i made the wrong decision

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    Ok... Well, crap.. sounds like you have been getting a good dose of crap life lately... I feel for you.. That feeling of helplessness and not able to rally to get up and even begin to deal... I get it.. IT'S hard.. Do ONE thing today.. one.. and then tomorrow.. another.. and you got this.. Single parenting is NOT easy, but it's possible.. and you will show your strength through it..

    FIRST.. Make up with your sister.. STAT.. I don't what you're fighting about.. maybe she's secretly irrritated that you're in this situation and she wants you to handle it better, fine.. whatever the reason is.. be done with it.. Cry to her.. tell her.. tell her you're scared and need her and that whatever she's mad about has to wait.. be vulnerable to her.. you need her and she needs you... So stop fighting.. too much is at stake here... I have a sister.. we get in fights.. but when big stuff happens.. life changing stuff, we rally together...

    SECOND... Tell your landlord, apartment manager that you can't pay rent.. in MOST leases there is a "unforseen life change" or something like that will allow you to default on your lease and get out of it without penalty... Can you move in with your sister? Find another friend? A one bedroom apartment? HECK.. a studio apartment to get by? (I lived with my two kids on a one bedroom crap apartment for 2 years to save money.. I slept on the couch.. it was okay and I'm glad that I did it)...

    THIRD - You have your maternity money through the state all set up? Take as much as they will give you.. Take as LONG as they will give you.. make sure you have that...

    There is also help for you, but you have to go and GET it.. you have to... I know it's easy for me to sit here and tell you what you need to do and to rally up and do it... and believe me... I've been in a really dark and bad place after my divorce and KNOW what it takes to brush your teeth and get it together.. but, simply.. you MUST.. You will feel better after you do..

    The guy that doesn't want to be a part.. fine.. but you can get child support from him.. it will take a while but go through the court... Do what you have to do..

    I promise you.. if you can rally up and do half of what I mentioned.. you will feel better and a year from now, you will be a different and better person... I swear you will...

    We are all here for you... But you gotta be there for yourself too...
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