I suffered from postpartum depression really bad after my second daughter was born. i was miserable. I didn't want to be around anybody. I think a lot of women suffer from PPD and sometimes they don't even know it, I thought it was just the baby blues, but it was more than that when I went and saw the doctor about it. The only things that kept me going was my kids. My mom suffered from severe depression and tried to kill herself after my oldest was born, I never want to put my kids through what my mom put me through (on more than one occasion). Go get yourself some help if you start feeling depressed after baby is born.

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    And it's not easy to deal with either. Some people are not very supportive about it and are like "well you should be happy, you just had a baby!"
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      Thank you for sharing your experience. Sorry you had to go through so much with your mom, but glad you got the help you needed.
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