I need sleep!

My daughter went to sleep at 9 last night, like she does every single night and she woke up at 5:30 this morning...
She usually sleeps in until 7:30-8. Anyone else have this happened to them? Is there anything I can do?

    don't change her bed time. Stick to the same time every night and she will fall back into her groove. Stay consistent.
    Both my kids went through phases like this many times and actually my 7 year old is going through one right now. My kids (7 and 9) got to bed at 8 and are up at 6. My daughter? 5 right now. But she gets herself a snack and turns on cartoons so not a big deal. If I change their bedtime.. They're still up at 6 and then more tired.
    Kids are human... They go through changes too... Growth spurts, can do more during the day so are excited to get up, maybe a tooth ache or they just didn't need as much sleep that night.
    Try to keep her quiet so early. Try telling her that its too early and it's still dark out... Wait for the sun... It will pass and change a lot... Sorry to say to just go with it..
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