Siblings!!! The Bickering!!

My kids are 2 and half years a part.. .MOST of the time,, they get along great.. or leave each other alone enough that they avoid each other... my son is 9 and is pretty mature and understands that she's 7 .. BUT will correct her constantly... her vocabulary.. or the day of the week... or whatever it is... and it drives me NUTS!!!!! I tell him.. just stop.. leave it alone but he can't help himself..
And then she is louder and sings more and talks more and does things just to irritate him...

They are really good and most of the time it's small and normal and they work it out.. But, every so often.. Like now... they just can't seem to leave each other alone...

Hoping a playdate comes through for one of them.. BUT I'm working and I hate asking for a playdate and then saying, "oh and can he come there?" lol..

They have been together non stop for weeks now.. in a car for a long road trip.. school is out.. stuck inside with me a lot while I work.. both were sick.. when on vacation, we all shared a bed... they have been side by side without a break for a month now... so, in that regards.. they're ok...

(mind you as I write this... my daughter is singing Katy Perry and my son is yelling "Don't sing that song anymore")....

Calgon... vodka......

    Lol my girls do stuff like this already I cant imagine when they're older.
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