Big kid illness

​There is a children's disease - adenoids. As far as I know, it is a pathological increase of nasopharyngeal tonsil and it can develop in children aged 3 to 7 years. The disease can develop because of an illness such as measles, influenza, scarlet fever and frequent upper respiratory tract infections.

This disease causes difficulty in nasal breathing, hearing loss and other disorders. My friend's son has hearing loss by 60% due to the adenoids.

Treatment is adenotomy. I had the surgery to remove the adenoid when I was 6 years old. Thank God, now it is performed under general anesthesia, and when I had surgery, there was no anesthesia (this is very painful).

Of course it is better to prevent the overgrowth of adenoid than expose your child to the operation. Best of all is to try to reduce the incidence of viral respiratory infections (most often wash their hands, to reduce the amount of contact with patients with viral respiratory infections, lubricate the baby's nose with oxolinic ointment at the time of epidemics of influenza and of course VITAMINS).

Moms Expertise
    My step son had his adenoids removed when he was 6... he had the general anesthesia and it was pretty awful to watch him be wheeled away all loopy and silly and screaming for me and his mom... His birth mom and I waited for him together and she held him while he came out of it all and threw up everywhere.. but later ... around 2 pm (surgery at 6 am) - He was FINE and eating popsicles and playing, etc.
    But I gotta tell ya... Going through that... watching him... was awful... Thank GOD they knocked him OUT
      8Theresa Gould
      I've only heard of adenoids being removed, I have no personal experience or even family experience.