Dealing with pain during childbirth

It will help you to relax while you are in labor, breathing techniques and frequent changes of position also help, particularly in the early stages of labor. As labor progresses and contractions become stronger and more frequent many women add medication to their arsenal of pain relief options. Epidural and spinal blocks, for instance, temporarily block pain in the lower body. An epidural can be used continuously throughout labor, while a spinal block is typically used shortly before delivery. Alternatively, narcotics or other medications can be used to alter pain perception.

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    8Theresa Gould
    I just wrote this on another post.

    I had pain killers and an epidural with my first and decided never again and I never did.

    For me it was mindset and learning more about what my body was doing during the contractions. I still had pain but I managed it through breathing, whistling (yes for some reason a little whistling got my mind focused just so that it got me through the contractions at the end) and having a cold wash cloth to wipe over my face. I also learned I needed quiet and very few interruptions. I also preferred to labor laying down the first part of labor and moving to my knees at the side of my bed (for my homebirths).
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