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I have eight children, expecting my ninth in June of this year. I have had all eight children vaginally and naturally. It was difficult making it through without any drugs as the pain was intense, I don't believe in using drugs though.

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    I've had all eight of mine vaginally , but had drugs with my first and then they induced with pitocin with the second and with my fifth they striped my membranes. Other than that they were natural. I don't like drugs either, more so after my experience with my first.
      I birth without drugs is what I have strived to do and was recommended as best by my doctors and midwives with my six children. Labor and delivery is a demanding experience which required all my focus...and that of my coaches as well, but I am so thankful for the six children we enjoy, their spouses and now the beautiful grandchildren that are now arriving to enrich our lives even further with each wonderfully, vibrant personality! Now it is my turn to help coach and encourage any family or friend who prefer to have a natural birth.
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      My name is Michelle Fritch. I have been married to my husband Tim for 16 years and together we have nine children, Tim has four older children from a previous marriage totaling 13 children for him. Tim is a Railroad Engineer and I am a Stay At Home Mom.