My Love/Hate relationship with the age 9.

My son is 9. He is my first and real and only true love. I love him being 9 because he undertands so much more, we can have real conversations, I tell him things, he asks real questions... My favorite is that I tell him the truth about some of the other parents .. and he laughs and loves the secret and holds it together... AND him being 2 years old than his 6 year old sister, it makes him feel more mature...​He's not just turning into a dude, but he's also growing aware of MY part in this family... all that I do.. he starting to figure it all out and it's awesome...

But he drops my hand when we get within 5 feet of the school gate and He will hug me but no kiss on the lips... and he will push my hand away if I fix his hair.. or anything on him... I understand. I get it... And he KNOWS that when he pushes me away, I only go in closer and make a big deal out of it to embarrass him... I know a lot of the school staff and they will play along in the morning... some even blocking the gate for me when I say, "Stop that boy.. he thinks hes too cool to give his mother a kiss" and they do and My son laughs and squirms away... of course we let him...

His style is coming out.. hes rocking a surfer/skateboard/minecraft vibe with vans and I dig it and he looks good, but shame on me for offering to help him with a belt..

So, as much as I LOVE that he's becoming sort of my buddy and sidekick and taking a more responsible role in the home... I miss my baby...

    8Theresa Gould
    Aww....thanks for sharing. I bet he secretly loves your morning game at school. ;)
      Jess, thank you for the honesty of your talk... It's so touching...
      Now I understand my parents feelings when I was this age and all I needed was friends attention and new jeans).

      Do you noticet that Meddox is popular among girls in school? (I'm asking because he's really pretty boy).
      LOL... Yes..Some.. Girls take notice but he couldn't care less.. In fact.. We passed by a girl yesterday and she almost screamed "Hi Maddox" and her friends were like,,.."Geez settle down" and My son barely gave her a wave... and I was so mad at him.. Once in the car, I told him.. Look.. It took A LOT for that little girl to get up the nerve to say HI to you. the least you can do is say HI back .. appropriately ... I told him that it might start happening and no matter if he likes the girl or HATES her.. He must be nice and kind to all of them.. and I told him... trust me on this.. Your looks will only get you noticed, no one likes a jerk. No matter how good looking...

      Thank you though.. Nice of you to say... I of course think he's gorgeous...
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