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My daughter will be 8 months old on January 15th. I put her to sleep between 6:30 and 7 every night. I had tried to let her cry it out like many doctors say a couple of months ago. It took 5 days and after that i would put her in her crib after her last bottle and she would turn around hug her blankie and sleep on her own. Well that's a distant memory because she got sick and then started teething really bad so I didn't want to let her cry it out again. Now she sleeps with me rocking her in my arms and then I put her down slowly to not wake her. Sometimes she wakes up and I have to rock her all over again. It's frustrating at times but so much better than letting her cry it out again. That broke my heart. My husband says it works but I feel like it's mean. I would rather rock her.

Also how do you break that middle of the night bottle. She still wakes up at 2 am every night. Sleeps from 7pm -2am then 2:30am-7am.

As far as naps she sleeps in her stroller twice a day for about an hour to an hour and a half each nap.Wish I could change that but I guess if it works don't try and fix it lol.

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    we did CIO, and sometimes teething or schedule being off throws her off and we have to start all over, but I think that just a part of it really. I would also recommend trying to get her to nap in her crib at this point. Also trying to put her down to sleep awake. Our Pedi said at this age if we rock them to sleep they fall asleep with mom then wake up scared in the Middle of the night when she's not there, if they fall asleep on their own they are more likely to be able to get themselves back to sleep.

    I know its hard to listen to them cry but you must remember its always harder on us than them. I found setting a timer helped, I noticed she never really cried for more than 10-15 min which felt like years to me but in reality really isnt that long. Good Luck!
      We did some cry it out. I tend to listen to his crying, there is a point when he is so worked up I know he won't be going to sleep. What I have found is that if I lay him down when he starts to show he's tired, rubbing his eyes and just mellowing out, he will fall asleep on his own. But if I wait until he's fussy, I have to rock him to sleep. I have found that the mobile or a night light to distract his attention and a white noise machine help him relax.

      As far as the middle of the night bottle, they need to learn to put themselves back to sleep. So when he wakes in the middle of the night I usually wait a few minutes. I can typically tell after that if he is going back to sleep or really needs something.

      Teething really impacts their sleep, so there may be more nights of inconsistency. Do what you feel is best for your child and if you aren't sure ask your doctor.
        that's the problem with sleep training no one tells you is that you will have to do it over and over again. Like you said you do it.. Then they get sick and that cycle starts again. Hardest part I would say.
        I did the cry it out thing w my kids and when I had to do it again it seemed easier like they knew.. But I would go in every 10 minutes.
        Getting them to sleep was alright but the middle of the night was rough. I didn't have the energy to do it but I would rock them for a minute and then do it again.
        It sucked. I'm sorry I don't have better advice except to say that they don't remember or are scarred from it.. We had some pretty brutal nights and both my kids, now 6 and 9 are happy and silly fun kids that don't remember anything.
        As for the bottle. Same thing. Go down to half a bottle at first but then you prolong it... You may need to go cold turkey
        But if I'm honest... I personally really don't see an issue with the bottle right now unless she's alert after.
        The middle of the night bottle really doesn't bother me. She falls asleep relatively fast after she has it. I've gotten it down to 15 minutes and Sophia and I are back in bed. I hear such horror stories that if you let them cry it out they are emotionally scarred. There's two sides to sleeping. Some books say babies trust us and need to know that their moms are there when they need them. The CIO method makes them feel abandoned. I'm stuck in the middle because I did it for a week and saw it works. I think I'm going to try again. I hate that every time a sickness or change in schedule and you have to do it all over again but if it gets easier each time than maybe I'll give it a try again. Thanks for the advice everyone.
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