Manners. Start early!!!

one of the things I knew I wanted my kids to have before u even had kids was manners.. I really really don't like kids that don't say please and thank you and grab and say gimme... I taught swimming and improv to kids and I saw it all the time.
My kids are always complimented. If there's one thing I've done right its their manners. My son realized a long time ago that when he uses them an adult responds to him better and he can pretty much get the best of things when he's one of the only ones saying please and thank you and may I. Etc
My daughter gets it too now. I'm proud.
I started early. Like as early before they started any words. Always using please and thank you when handing them things or teaching them how to ask .. Early early. The better.
How do you respond to kids w manners?

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