I'm no professional, but PPD seems to entail a disconnecting of new mother to her baby and others...

Though I have never struggled with postpartum depression, I have had family and friends that have. It seems to be so much more common these days. These dear, affected gals in my life just could not connect well with their newborns and their own self-esteem seemed to plummet quickly to absolutely no self-worth at all...even to the point of suicide. Being a constant, loving, encouraging support seemed to help my daughter get through her PPD...but I had to leave home to be with her for about 6 weeks and also encourage her to seek professional help as well. She made it through and is now wonderfully delighted with her baby and his tremendous smiling antics! Dealing with a newborn is challenging for any new mother, but with PPD in the loop of changes, I believe it is important to have extra help/support/encouragement close by for a significant amount of time to get the new mommy through it.

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    It's wonderful you could be there for your daughter to encourage her to get help when your support was not enough.
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