I had a mixture of delivery options with my 6 children...

My first two babies were delivered in a hospital...then I did a home-birth with midwives for my third child. Baby #4 was due right at Christmas time, so I did not want to put my family on hold during the holidays, so we went to a midwife birthing program at a Phoenix hospital that was highly recommended to me. Baby #5 was another home delivery with midwives, but though Baby #6 was supposed to be a home delivery with those same wonderful midwives, she would never drop into the birth canal. The midwives realized it was time to take me to the hospital just in case an emergency C-Section would be needed according to the stats of my laboring condition. These wonderful women continued with me until my baby came...and no, thankfully, I was able to have the baby vaginally without any drugs, etc. I definitely recommend using midwives, whether you decided to deliver in at home, at a birthing center or in a hospital. Having a back-up doctor is important, but midwives are just a marvelous, trained, experienced support to you and your husband in the pregnancy, labor and delivery and postpartum care of you and your baby! Best wishes to all new mothers! :o)

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    8Theresa Gould
    I had a combination of hospital and home births too and i wouldn't trade my home births for anything! Thanks for sharing your experience.