This is a can of worms but.....this is awful

I know this topic is controversial but I think this is just awful.....and I believe it's murder not fourth term abortion.…

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    Amanda Hurley
    OH MY GOD!!!!!!! And I thought we were making progress. A few weeks ago I ran into an article that said that there were three states who made abortions based on gender or disabilities illegal. This is ridiculous.
      Correct me if I'm wrong... Isn't a fourth term term abortion... Homicide? Am I missing something.. ? The baby is BORN and they kill it?

      Now for the record. I'm Pro Choice - But this, if I'm reading it correctly is ...murder... Don't jump on me I know the anti-abortion views well... I come from an educated place and choice is still my vote..

      REGARDLESS.... You have the baby? In your hands? How could this ever be okay?
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        8Theresa Gould
        I couldn't either, Leah, obviously, eh? ;) I couldn't believe the college kids were signing the petition. They must be so uninformed or just very callous.
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