9 Months.. and you could... ?

Mamas.. I would love for you to share something you could STILL DO at 9 months preggo that made you proud! It takes such a toll on our bodies and I know you had to be proud of something.. it can be anything!

I'll go first (I am a few days from 9 months).. and I can still hold a 90 second floor plank.. woo wee.. it's hard and a lot of work, but I can!

    Um, well, I felt my water leak around 5:40 am (wasn't having any contractions, well, didn't know I was, I couldn't feel them), and called hubby to tell him that, his carpool just dumped him at the ER, so I drove to go pick him up. I felt a contraction along the way so I decided to go in and get checked and BAM! 6cm. Helingered for a couple hours at 9, but got to 10 quickly after the doctor broke my waters. Then came SERIOUS contractions!
      Wow Meg... you are my inspiration... preggo or not preggo planking is hard work!
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              This last time at 9 months pregnant-a week before I delivered-I was able to go on a three hour grocery shopping trip with a four year old and two year old. Only had to stop and pee twice lol. Slept the whole afternoon when we got home, though. :)
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