Is it normal??

I don't officially know if I am pregnant or not but I have had almost every symptom. Right now I am feeling nausea and shaky. Is that normal? Is that another symptom? I know they say eat 5 times a day to help prevent this but I literally just ate something and feel like this.

    Well.. we need to know a little more :) Is your period late? Have you missed it? Could the timing be perfect that you could be? If you are JUST pregnant, being nauseous is obviously a sign.. shaky.. eh, I'm not certain of that, but pregnancy does weird things to all ladies bodies! I know my one friend had to eat ALL the time in order to feel okay in the beginning.. if you think you are preggo, just take a test :)
    Yes I am working on getting another test. I don't have a car right now and my dad works a lot so it is hard for me to get to a store lol