Wardrobe Update

Got quite a few gift cards for Christmas so I am looking forward to doing a little shopping for myself for a change. My wardrobe pit fall is that I am so extremely casual its ridiculous. Tshirt and jeans is about it. I love and fawn over all the cute blouses and tops and accessories and shoes.....and i wear Yoga pants and my Ohio University hoodie like everyday. So id like to get out of my style rut this year and maybe actual put together some of those cute outfits I pin on pinterest all day.

What are your wardrobe faux pas? Or are you a total fashionista?

    8Theresa Gould
    A sweater and sweats or my pjs is my winter attire, unless I am going out then I might wear a skirt or dress. I have been in a style funk for a few years. I love looking at clothes though!
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