Mommy Daughter DIY spa day

I think a fun mom and daughter day would be at home with some good movies, spending all day making homemade spa treatments. I think it can be adapted for big girls and small since you can make a lot of things from edible ingredients. Plus, just about all of us could stand to relax and be pampered a bit.

I'm thinking mayonnaise or coconut oil hair mask.

Avocado or honey face masks

Cucumbers on the eyes

Fresh mint and epsom salt foot bath

Soaking hand in salt and lemon juice to whiten nails and a nice creamy moisturizer.

Maybe a good pumice stone.

A morning shopping trip could make a nice little edition so mom and daughter can have some fuzzy robes, some cheapie flip flops like from a pedicure place, and fresh ingredients.

Make a nice pitcher of a healthy drink like lemon or limeade or cucumber mint water.

If daughter is old enough you could always steam your faces and paint nails too.

Then... pamper and RELAX!

Just thinking about it makes me feel refreshed, haha.

What about you guys? Do you have any mother daughter activities you look forward to or that you've enjoyed?

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