Double-edged Sword

The values I find to be most important can be very double-edged socially, but I find them to be important nonetheless. I think compassionate honesty with others and oneself is very valuable, along with critical thinking which is definitely related. Speak truth and find truth... It may get you in tight spots, it won't always be pretty or easy, but I think it has deep rewards also.

What about you? What important values do you have that you try/want to teach your kids?

Moms Expertise
    I feel like being open minded and kind to people are SO important to me.. I am the girl who will chat with anyone.. a store clerk, the banker, etc.. I so believe that everyone has a story and wants to connect and be heard.. so I love meeting new people.. I also love being open minded about different life styles and just different people.. I really hope our kiddo learns those things too! My husband is SUPER kind hearted.. never talks about anyone behind their back.. (hello, that's hard haha) so I hope the kiddo gets those from him.. a great guy :)
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