Getting pregnant with an IUD is possible

It is a contraceptive, so it's not likely to find yourself pregnant with an IUD, but it is definitely possible. There are quite a few cases of women getting pregnant with IUDs including Mirena and Paraguard. Like basically all contraceptives, there is still a risk involved, it is just minimal.

I think we even had someone on who got pregnant with an IUD but I can't seem to remember who. Tessa was it you, maybe? I know I've seen posts that you have/had one but I can't remember if you got pregnant with it.

Anyway. I'd love to hear from you ladies out there who do have IUDS about whether or not you like it and if you have ever gotten pregnant on one!

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    No I didn't have it. My SIL had one and I posted something about hers being very uncomfortable and when she had it taken out she got pregnant soon after but had an eptopic pregnancy.
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